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Trévor Adams


Room 203

Agents X

2016 Best French gay DVD

Gustav (Matt Kennedy), a dangerous gay criminal and a megalomaniac, has developed a secret spray who will turn any straight man into a perverted cock-addict.

After having tested it on his body-guard (Jordan Fox) he is planning on spreading it during a big convention.

Doreen Craig (agent) 00SEX is taking up the task of thwarting Gustav’s evil plans and save the world.

Will he be able to face up the diabolical Gustav who wants to turn earth into a giant gay brothel?!

Watch this movie to the explosive final encounter between Gustav (Matt Kennedy) more evil than ever and Craig 00SEXE (Doryann Marguet) in trouble but full of resources. He manages to turn a bad situation to his advantage in an epic sexual confrontation. Masculine, body to body contact, ass-rimming, face-fucking and a major hole-drilling for an amazing final where the juices are flowing in abundance!

Brandon Wilde’s Bareback Premiere With Dylan James

1016-brandon-wildeBRANDON WILDE

1016-dylan-jamesDYLAN JAMES

1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_01 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_02 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_03 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_04 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_05 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_06 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_07 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_08 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_09 1016-brandon-wildes-bareback-premiere-with-dylan-james_10

Do not be fooled by Brandon Wilde’s sweet, boy-next-door face. He might look like an adorable all-American guy, but behind that face he is a sex-hungry porn star skilled at servicing dick. For Brandon’s bareback sex premiere, he plays out a fantasy of working in an office with a tall, strong, and dominant boss that uses his body after hours. Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Dylan James is more than happy to play out Brandon Wilde’s fantasy. Brandon is versatile, but his sexual skills shine when he’s servicing a big alpha dick with his mouth and hole. Dylan takes control of Brandon – showing off his tattoos and muscles along the way – and claims ownership of Brandon’s throat before turning him around and busting his raw cherry. Dylan has a really big dick between his legs, so I hope Brandon is ready for raw meat of that size. Dylan has a lot of stamina, and he fucks extra hard when his bottom is as cute as Brandon.

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Office Junior

0523 Office Junior_01

0523 Office Junior_02

A definite must-see for anyone who loves their guys to be suited-and-booted, as a collection of hyper-horny Czechs turn their business empire into a constant round of sucking and fucking. In these difficult times, big business has rarely looked better!

If only all bosses could be more like Lubor Bake, a handsome, tattooed stud with a goatee beard and a definite penchant for his cute underlings. Having initially seduced Marcel Bimore into giving him a blowjob, it is the entry into the room of super-slut Ari Black that really heats up the pace. Black’s ass is just screaming out for attention for sure; and having been fucked from behind by his manager, he then rides Bimore’s shaft cowboy-style. Finally, in true whorish fashion, he opens his mouth wide for the generous deposits of both his colleagues. Spunk-sodden and looking like the cat that got every last drop of the cream, Black’s performance is truly second-to-none!

Little wonder Picardo Danny, a lithe and wholesome twink, should be looking excited the moment that Mark Lee arrives to mend a fault on his phone. Lee is every inch the sort of workman any of us would just love to have come and look over our equipment – perfectly toned from head to toe, with a magnificent uncut hose to complete this perfect package. Danny cannot resist paying the technician to perform a striptease; then quickly gets carried away and starts riding the fellow’s rod with his mouth. Before you know it, Lee’s shaft is balls deep in the youngster’s ass – and remains there until the workman cannot hold back any longer. Spewing the contents of his balls in the condom, Lee then feeds the spent cum out of the rubber into Danny’s open mouth. Tasty!

Bosses can be very demanding at times to say the least – and impatient ones all the more so. But the way to a manager’s heart, as they say, is most definitely through his cock – as young Nick Daniels is quick to realize when Peter Brooks gives him the run-around over some missing invoices. Falling to his knees, he embraces Brooks’s shaft with an eager, open mouth; before parting his legs for the full length of his boss’ love-stick. What goes around comes around, however; and having forced his way into Daniels’s tight little ass, it is soon time for Brooks to savour the delights of cock for himself. Such flip-flopping action can of course have only one conclusion – in young Daniels’ case it being a very, very sticky facial! The lucky sod…

After a hard day out on the road, what better way is there for businessmen to relax than to enjoy a little mutual wanking? Except in the case of Justin May and Max Moser – two cute young executives who could surely sell sand to the Arabs with just the flutter of their eyes – the rather innocent round of masturbation quickly transforms itself into a hot session of 69-ing on a leather sofa, and (finally) into a feverish session of wanton fornication that sees May getting the fucking of a lifetime and Moser receiving a face full of spunk for his efforts. And all performed with both guys completely stark-bollock naked, except for the ties around their necks.

0523 Office Junior_03

Rear View

1313 Rear View_01

1313 Rear View_02

1313 Rear View_03

1313 Rear View_04

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MARCO RUBI has finished a gruelling day at work but he’s not in the mood to go home yet. So he drives around in his van to see if anything catches his eye, except today he’s in the mood for a bit of white collar action. So when he sees FLEX walk by fully suited and looking sharp as hell he goes in for the kill. Flex spots Marco cruising him and decides to get in the van hoping to get a hot blow job from the hot, muscled worker. But Marco is hungry for more than just a mouthful of dick and gives up his awesome, muscled ass to the suited stranger. And Flex just goes crazy with that ass, slurping on his hole before giving him a deep-dicking to leave the horny cock-slut well and truly satisfied.