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Bare Mountains

Hot, young European stud muffins do some severe male bonding in the rural European countryside. Whether it is out in the woods, or fucking in the barn or bunk house … these guys are busy taking care of their perpetually hard dicks, sucking and fucking each other with abandon. Lots of facial cum-shots, cum eating, and dick juicy spraying everywhere! Only the poor horse is not getting any (we trust!)

CAST: Dylan Cassy, Genadij Prokov, Igor Rusk, Keanu Reese, Mark King (hammer), Martin Lame, Martin Polocek, Micky Collio, Peter Abbex, Roberto Cruiz, Steve Sunny, Steven Ward

Leather Slave

After having explored all ethnic groups, Citebeur delves into the universe of warehouse and dungeon sex. Venture into this dark testosterone charged environment, as guys explore glory holes, kiss like savages, gang bang, cage domination, stomp each other, force pipes deep into throats, double penetrate, and shoot gobs of cum. It’s a real festival of rough and vicious sex. The hot cast consists of white, black and Arab men. The stars of Citebeur go at it with hot newcomers for the ultimate extreme release.

With : Manolo Bandero, Milan Gamiani, Backroom Donjon and more …

Wolf: La Légendé De Scythes (Wolf: Legend Of The Scythians)

According to an ancient Middle Eastern legend, there once was a long lost mysterious land that people of that era knew as Scythia. It’s people, called Scythians, have now long since been absorbed and diluted by centuries of evolution. But they all had one strange and bizarre trait that made them different from anyone else. Once a year, the Scythians would suddenly change from their human shape and become massive, powerfully savage and vicious wolves. In that form they would plunder livestock for food, and ravage humans for sex!

In this lusty new all-male masterpiece by Ridley Dovarez, each of his beautiful and powerfully sexual men have Scythian blood racing through their veins, rendering them incapable of seeing another man without feeling the desperate need to have that man’s throbbing cock deep inside his d ass! Featuring sensational new studs: Tony Forza and Gabriel Dragun, as well as big name French gay porn stars: John LatinoMathiew Ferhati, and Fabien Cortez, Dovarez unlocks the steaming sensuality of their unleashed libidos with this non-stop, jizz soaked masterstroke of masculine passion and deeply satisfying sexuality!

The magic of Czech koruna (koruna česká)

Agents X

2016 Best French gay DVD

Gustav (Matt Kennedy), a dangerous gay criminal and a megalomaniac, has developed a secret spray who will turn any straight man into a perverted cock-addict.

After having tested it on his body-guard (Jordan Fox) he is planning on spreading it during a big convention.

Doreen Craig (agent) 00SEX is taking up the task of thwarting Gustav’s evil plans and save the world.

Will he be able to face up the diabolical Gustav who wants to turn earth into a giant gay brothel?!

Watch this movie to the explosive final encounter between Gustav (Matt Kennedy) more evil than ever and Craig 00SEXE (Doryann Marguet) in trouble but full of resources. He manages to turn a bad situation to his advantage in an epic sexual confrontation. Masculine, body to body contact, ass-rimming, face-fucking and a major hole-drilling for an amazing final where the juices are flowing in abundance!

The Apprentice