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Mating Season

Mating Season (2007) is a superb Bel Ami release with wonderful landscape, a huge number of famous stars and also plenty of new faces!

21 horny young Czech boys on a bike tour stop every few meters at some quite perfect places to have sex! In 6 scenes, director Marty Stevens lets his boys fuck with each other and the big orgy finale with six cute boys will have the viewer reaching the same climax as the models themselves.

Join the boys as they head out on a bike excursion around the Slovak countryside, exploring barns, ruins and each other on the way. Hans Klee and Bolek Polanski open the action with a romp in the barn. Benjamin Bloom and Davey Paxton are next in the ruins of an old mansion, while upstairs Troy, Josh and Luke are also doing some exploring of their own. Watch as Joey Amis indulges in his passion for cum eating in BelAmi’s biggest ever blowjob sequence.

Masturbate Your Mate

Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren jerk off

Hoyt Kogan 

 Christian Lundgren

Gino Mosca blows Joel Birkin

gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_01 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_02 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_03 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_04 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_05 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_06 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_07 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_08 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_09 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_10

Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard


Sizing up

0007 Sizing Up

“You will make me cum …”


Greek Holiday


When the beauty that is Bel Ami visits the glory that is Greece, the mating of these natural wonders is nothing short of spectacular. Boyfriends Tim Hamilton and Tommy Hansen vacation on the magnificent islands of Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Mykonos where they sun, swim, and screw anything that moves. They meet up with fellow vacationing travellers Jeff Daniels and Mark Aubrey. These four modern day Adonises charm Julian Armanis and Gilles Marais, captains of a luxurious yacht, into taking them aboard. From then on it is a toss-up as to who gives whom the best ride of their lives. The pairing of Tommy Hansen and Mark Aubrey alone is a match made on Mount Olympus. The six episodes in Part 1 will leave you panting!


Julian ArmanisJulian Armanis

Mark AubreyMark Aubrey

Jeff DanielsJeff Daniels

Tim HamiltonTim Hamilton

Tommy HansenTommy Hansen

Gilles MaraisGilles Marais

Jason ParadisJason Paradis

Alan ConneryAlan Connery