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Ambassadors of the Ice

Scene 1: Following an opener that sets the tone, the guys practicing on the ice in a real hockey rink, hot studs Ed Burton and Daniel Kilmer show that there’s more than one way to make the team. In the locker room, they show off their ripe juicy nipples, and Daniel is gifted with a very long cock that juts out from beneath a nice treasure trail. Daniel and Ed trade wet blows, then Daniel tongues Ed’s tasty-looking hole. Daniel fucks Ed missionary on a weight bench as Ed’s uncut cock bobs over his belly, Daniel then flips him over and shoves his dick in from behind. The intense screwing ends with Daniel pulling out of Ed’s ass and shooting cum all over Ed’s thick quads. Ed follows with a shot that sprays all over Daniel’s hairy thigh. They end with a very passionate kiss. 

Scene 2: A three-way between Jeremy Sheldon, Brian Wels and Tony Magera is a jostling-and-slamming poke-check fantasy come to life. They get going right on the ice with the guys wearing full hockey uniform gear. Soon the hockey sticks are all but forgotten, and, they fuck right on the surface of the ice. Even better, they keep their helmets and part of their gear. All three blow massive loads: Jeremy, who has been fucking Brian from behind, pulls out, fires a gusher of juice all over Brian’s buff backside, Brian follows with his cum, and Tony shoots last — a big, wet, dripping load that just oozes from the head of his uncut dick. 

Scene 3: Following a gruelling workout, four sweaty players return to the locker room and strip. Two of the men, Kevin Elliott (Mateo Torres) and Steve Hogan (Serban Rada), stay behind as Rob Nelson and Alam Williams (Andrew Kabat) head for the showers. Kevin lets boy-toy Steve suck his cock. Rob and Alan, can’t help but get in on the action, re-join them. The four dudes use each other’s hot bodies in a myriad of ways, starting with side-by-side suck-offs. The fucking begins, using benches for easier asshole access, Kevin penetrates Steve’s bubble-butt from behind as Rob rides Alan, his long uncut dick dangling above the action. Bottoms and tops change partners, Kevin fucking Rob as Alan shoves his dick into Steve. Then, one by one, they all deliver huge jets of cum. 

Scene 4: In a shower room, George Vidanov teams up with Daniel Kilmer and Jeremy Sheldon. George, Daniel and Jeremy get started with kisses that lead to rock-hard erections. George goes down on Jeremy’s beautiful dick as Daniel jacks his cock and watches. George trades off, tasting the two cocks, as Jeremy and Daniel kiss. George first gets his furry hole speared from behind by Jeremy. While Jeremy is thrusting away, George sucks Daniel’s erection. George sits on Jeremy’s amazingly erect dick, and then goes side-saddle and doggy for a good fucking from Daniel. Daniel is the first to blow, his load dripping all over George’s back, then George’s explodes, and finally, Jeremy lets loose a major gusher of cum as he continues to stroke his uncut dick as it jets out.


SCENE 1: The first of the 6 hot scenes in BRU features Bailey and our lil Cali boi, Jaimie. Are you like me and love to see a nice toned topboi take control of a smooth lil twink and have his way with him? Bailey does just that and puts this boy to his knees, making him strip off his jogging pants with only his teeth. Jaimie is made to lick his cock through his jock strap before his unleashes the beast and tells Jaimie to suck on it then to sit on him. Bailey squeezes out his precum and Jaimie licks it off his cock. Now of course “Raw” means all the scenes in this video are done bareback, with close up penetration shots throughout. Bailey fucks the lil smooth boy’s tight hole till he cums, then keeps pounding him harder, until his squirts his HUGE load (remember the Casting Couch 3 squirt? well times it by 5) down the boy’s hole then plunges his cock back in. The boyz really got naughty for this one.

SCENE 2: This scene features Cayden, who as you heard in the Casting Couch tape, has a little fetish for str8boyz. It’s not so hard in So Cali to find boyz looking for some party money and Cayden gets his wish when we found Tommy hanging out at the beach. Cayden persuades him back to a changing room, tries to kiss him, then gives up only to get on his knees and pull out the str8boyz fat 8 incher. Cayden licks and sucks till the boy explodes on his face and Cayden gets a nice lick of his venom.

SCENE 3: Shaun finds Dylan just waking and rubbing his stiff morning wood. Shaun with his boyish charms (as you surely saw in Casting Couch 3) comes in the bedroom and seduces Dylan, taking advantage of the boys’ horniness. Soon Shaun has persuaded him to make out and slips his hand under Dylan’s shorts. After a while, Dylan even jacks Shaun a bit, then Shaun really gets into sucking and gives Dylan head while jacking himself. I don’t know how Shaun did it, (Dylan has only had one guy make out with him and suck him off when he was drunk) but after Dylan said he wouldn’t suck him, Shaun says, “hey, I’ll bet my ass is tighter than your girlfriends pussy”.

Luckily I didn’t drop the camera and Shaun jumps up on Dylan and sits down on his stiff perfect cock (damn how I love a boy with smooth, low hangers). Now if you loved the way Shaun worked that big dildo in CC3, wait till you see how he does on the real thing. Dylan looks really uncomfortable at first, then he takes over and pushes Shaun on his belly, getting above him and pounding his ass. Dylan just pulls out in time to give Shaun a nice mouthful, squeezing out the last drops on his tongue, which Shaun eagerly swallows, leaving a few streams of long cum connecting from his cock head to Shaun’s tongue. Dylan proclaims “That was crazy” and Shaun lays next to Dylan and jacks his huge meat, squirting a big load on Dylan’s chest. You can see this is the first time Dylan has ever had someone elses cumm touching him. Shaun being the playful boy that he is, goofs with Dylan as he draws his name in his own cumm on Dylan’s chest. This was such a hot scene but unfortunately, it will be Dylan’s last one as his girlfriend found out he fucked a boy and forbade him to talk to me anymore =( Bad, bad fish !

SCENE 4: Do you know what I love about this scene besides the 2 hot boyz jacking and sucking together? Its the fact that Cayden gets jacked and sucked off completely by Bailey. I don’t think I have ever filmed a scene where a boy has exploded by getting sucked off (without jacking himself to climax) Ohh how I love first times! Cayden blows his biggest load into Bailey’s mouth, on his face and what would be a normal sized load, left pooling on his belly. Bailey then takes some time swallowing, then slurping his cumm and licking it from Cayden’s cock. Can’t get any hotter? Well, how about a little snow balling as the boyz end by kissing as the sticky white boy juice streams between their lips and chin.

SCENE 5: Our baby faced, smooth boy Corey is relaxing on the couch, looking at a hot Boy magazine and stroking his ohhh so smooth chest. He reaches under his jogging pants bringing his perfect 7 inch cock out to play. Shaun seems to have a knack of knowing when a boy is hard and interrupts Corey’s play time. Corey’s all horned up and asks Shaun if he’ll take care of his urges, before you know it, Corey’s jogging pants are down and Shaun is on his knees. Corey leans back on his couch and lifts his legs high, and lets Shaun lick and suck from his balls all the way down below, till you see a close up of Corey’s tight virgin hole puckering. Shaun licks and rims his ass, (true fact, this is the very first time Corey has ever been rimmed and very first time Shaun has ever tongued a boy) Corey groaning and moaning, enjoying every second of this tongue action. Shaun spits and rubs it along his hole, showing of the perfect trail of soft, hair lining the edge of Corey’s crack.

Shaun is really impressive at giving head, but Corey wants a turn too and undresses Shaun, pulling out his huge Italian sausage. Corey licks and sucks, his dark baby brown eyes looking up so tenderly at Shaun as he jacks himself. Corey spreads his legs, and Shaun flips around to jack his big toy while teabagging Corey’s soft, low hanging sack. As Shaun is licking his balls, Corey is having fun jacking Shaun off, but then gets inpatient and wants Shaun on his back. You see close ups of Corey fingering Shaun’s hole, then slowly Corey rubs his perfect head along the crack, pushing in a bit, then holding back. Shaun begs for it, then he slides it in and Shaun groans with contentment.

Corey jacks Shaun’s huge cock. Precum streams out while he pumps him, and you can tell by Shaun’s face that he is totally enjoying himself. Now from the back, you get an extreme close up of just Corey’s perfect round ass, sliding his cock in, over and over again, popping it all the way out to expose the inside of Shaun’s pink hole. Shaun begs to be fucked harder. They kiss and he gets his wish as Corey goes deeper, and harder, till Shaun is groaning louder and louder, finally exploding his load on his chest and tummy, and immediately Corey bends over to lick and suck out the last drops of juice from Shaun’s grinder. Not giving him a break, Corey pushes back Shaun’s legs again and pounds him, pulling out just as his second blast of cum shoots from his cock, the load gushes over Shaun’s hole, then he pushes it back into Shaun, pumping a few more times, then pulling out, releasing the rest of his flow. Shaun’s open hole winks at you before they kiss goodbye.

SCENE 6: Cayden showers, and Bailey spies on him and enjoys watching the suds slide down Cayden’s tanned, toned body and drip off his uncut cock. Cayden catches him and orders him to come, pulling him in the shower dressed. They kiss and Cayden pulls off Bailey’s wet clothes. They rub against each other and grind their hard cocks together. Stopping the shower they quickly dry and head into the bedroom. Cayden pushes Bailey back on the bed and kisses then licks down his chest, quickly popping Bailey into his mouth and making him grow.

He spreads apart Bailey’s legs and you get a close up of Cayden’s tongue pushing inside Bailey’s tight hole. They switch again then get into a 69 position where Bailey is now rimming Cayden and Cayden is fingering Bailey. From that position Bailey is pushed down to sit on Cayden’s thick 8 incher and he really takes time sliding it in. Bailey rides for a while, sinking lower and lower on his mast, then Cayden spins him around on his stomach. Bailey gasps as Caydens plunges his cock in again, and they kiss as Cayden starts to pump harder and harder. They switch to a side position, Cayden now is building speed and pounding poor Baileys tight hole (I think we made this topboi into a bottom that day) Cayden now gets up over him and in a seating position, pounds Bailey deeper and deeper. Bailey is jacking and groaning and Cayden can’t hold out any longer and pulls out just in time to pop his load onto Baileys hole and on his balls, then shove it back in, only to pull out again to squeeze out the last streams of his load.

Now comes Bailey’s turn, and I’ve been telling you from the Casting Couch 3 video that he has the BIGGEST squirt I have seen. Now comes the largest of them all as Bailey jacks and 6 foot blasts of venom stream from his cock toward the camera. Cayden actually catches some and rubs it on his stomach and chest, yet the flow never seems to stop. See what happens when you find a boy’s prostate? hehe Now usually it’s me initiating the boyz, but this time the tables were turned as I had positioned myself back from Baileys shoulder for his finish and the boyz laughed after we finished as I had a huge gob of Bailey’s load dripping from my shirt. Ahhh the career hazards I have to face =)


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Piss Fun

Mike Roberts

Zack Randall

Gorgeous piss lover Zack Randall wanted to taste Mike Roberts piss so bad he was willing to do almost anything…even willing to bend over and take Mike’s thick cock deep in his ass, then hosed down again by Mike. Zack got what he wanted and so did Mike! This is one hot scene full of piss-soaked muscle sex!

Morning Glory

Morning wood or morning glory. The question is… how will you work it off? Waking up with a rock hard erection, you know you’re gonna start the day with a full tank. You’re all juiced-up with plenty in the bank and you have the entire day ahead to spend it! Morning wood is a sure-tell sign that good things are gonna happen!


The alarm blasts 7am rousting Landon Conrad out of bed. He readies himself for work. First a shave, then a shower before he gets dressed. Boyfriend Ludovic Canot is moving a bit slower but finally hits the shower. Landon pokes his head in for a goodbye kiss, but the smooches trigger an urgent passion. He is pulled fully clothed into the shower, still lip-locked with Ludovic, and then sheds his wet clothes so his lover can suck his cock. The action progresses and Landon goes down on Ludovic. Next he begins rimming his asshole, teasing it with a series of licks and tongue jabs before he starts to screw it fiercely. In and out of the shower, from behind, sitting atop, balanced precariously against the counter, the two men fuck forcefully. Landon’s pole slides in and out of Ludovic’s ass like a well-oiled piston until he pulls out and showers his partner with his warm jism. Ludovic whacks his meat and finally gets his rocks off, spritzing all over the tile floor.

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Christian Wilde

Benn Heights

The magic of Czech koruna (koruna česká)


This is one of Ross’ compilations, and he snips off the original scenes’ often long exposition and begins instead when his young, usually smooth boys are already well into jerking off. This means more models, more cum scenes and must-have status for those who watch and wank fast.

Featuring less of Don’s trademark ramblings and sometimes sexy setups, these purportedly straight guys are snatched off the streets to jerk off for da Don. There’s a wide variety here, from a muscular, hairy man (with a fucking idiotic cowboy hat on which begins a disturbing trend amongst the models) to mangy hustlers to tender chicken the likes of which the Colonel and Frank Purdue would scramble to catch, lock up and breed. There are some outdoor scenes (one boy shoots his load against a boulder), action (witness the drunkards’ head-standing blowjob), Don’s own involvement (he layeth his grubbeth handeth), a Dirk Yates model or two (they could form a porn supergroup) and some juicy loads.

Ross’ devotion to his craft is unwavering, even sacrificial as he allows and demands models to shoot their load on his carpet, mirrored wall, and miscellaneous home furnishings.

Raw Meat

Scene one opens up with two tough guys calling on a cute dark haired boy stud – they grab him and make him suck their big dicks right out in full view in the hallway before he takes both their loads in his mouth. After the toughs leave his blond neighbor comes out to comfort him and invites him home.
Blondie has a cute friend over and they soon take advantage of their neighbour by sucking him off and spit roasting him between their big dicks. Ending a nice cum drinking sequence.
A cute slim boybabe awaits his lover on a bed of rose petals. His hunky lover comes home and soon they are pleasuring each other take it in turns to suck each others stiff pricks. They both have fabulous smooth toned bodies and incredibly edible dicks and fresh shaved arses just made for munching. The older ones gives the younger one a great fuck which has him frantically pulling at his rock hard dick until he shoots his load with a fat dick shoved deep up his butt.
A hot four way gets going with massive dicked steve rives at the centre of the action. Some great head and an amazing shot of steve shooting his big load straight into a willing twink mouth.
A nice duo in the hot tub. A great three way with a massive cocked black stud and some cute white guy who takes it in turns riding the different cocks. He gets really hard fucked by that massive black dick and he loves it. The final scene has a great three way with the family boss who has a huge cock hard fucks some cute twink.
A fantastic addition to the range – excellent sex!

Raw Crime

Otherwise known as Memoirs of a Twink Convict, Robin Few reminisces about his time in the Czech Republic’s most notorious place of penal correction – or should that be penile correction?! With an array of offenders this hot, its little wonder that this in one prison pretty much all of us would love to call home. Knowing how to control your inmates is a vital key to the success of any prison-guard – a fact that young Adrian Cooke clearly hasn’t got the hang off yet. Having stumbled upon the fabulous Zack Hood – the jail’s most notorious prisoner – giving head to hairy-chested guard, Jack Brent, the inexperienced guard tries his luck… with disastrous results! Before he knows it he’s being forced down on all fours for the violation of a lifetime – a fate also promptly dished out to fellow inmate, John Hill, who enters the laundry room midway through the antics. Typically, Hood is very much the dominate force here, first fucking Hill, and then (having emptied his balls) forcing Cooke to ram his cock up Hill’s ass as well. With so much resultant cum, it’s perhaps just as well there are plenty of fresh towels to hand! The scene ends with Zack emptying his fat cock on the arse and face of the other two guys. As everyone knows, there’s a distinct pecking order in any prison establishment – a fact that the delightful Marco Bill has clearly accepted and taken very much to heart. Knowing that he’s never gonna be top dog, he’s simply known as “fuckman”, serving as an open and willing bottom to every horny top he meets in the showers – a place, as we all know too well, that have a distinct reputation in any prison. And on this occasion that means serving the needs of hot and horny Marty Broome, who simply can’t wait to get that thick, uncut shaft of his between Bill’s hungry cheeks. Cue some fabulous anal antics over a chair, ultimately resulting in Bill receiving just the sort of terrific, chin-dripping facial that we all know a boy of his filthy caliber deserves. Sharing a prison-cell with someone you don’t know from Adam can’t be much fun – unless, of course, you just so happen to click for someone who really understands your sexual needs. Fortunately for Robin Few, that’s exactly what our hero finds in Jimmy Call – a fabulously charming blond lad, who’s quite literally hung like a donkey and has the sort of libido that ensures that the cold and lonely hours of incarceration do not remain that way for very long. Call’s insatiable sexual appetite quickly ensures that he’s soon laid out on his bunk with his legs in the air – an open invitation that Few (not surprisingly) fails to shun. The sight of Few’s bubble-butt pounding away into Call’s rump is an undeniable highlight. As is both lads spewing teen-spunk for all it’s worth. Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, Timothy Nixon is about to discover that being the new boy in this establishment isn’t much fun – especially when it involves being put in the same cell as notorious sexual predator, Zack Hood. Like it or not, the youngster is very quickly learning what his mouth and ass are for in a place like this, with Hood promptly taking charge of Nixon’s rear, whilst fellow-inmate, Jerry Brand, forces his hard shaft down the youngster’s throat. Hood is not without his generous side, however. Having violated Nixon with his long, thick cock, he flips the boy over so that Brand can do exactly the same! It’s near-to-the-knuckle stuff, knowing how close to reality this is for so many young lads in prison, but we reckon that won’t stop anyone watching this from wanking themselves off into an appreciative frenzy! It’s a sad fact, but there will always be those who abuse their positions of authority – prison-guard, John Hill, clearly being one of them. Taking advantage of the petty misdemeanors of baby-faced Michael Cross, the fellow threatens to extend the offender’s sentence if he doesn’t consent to providing him with sexual services. On the advice of Marty Broome, Cross agrees – a decision that leads to the sort of no-holds-barred, desk-top threesome that we can only imagine takes place in prisons up and down the land! Flip-flopping around, Broome and Cross fuck each other senseless; whilst Hill overlooks the action, sucking both lads off like he hasn’t had cock in weeks! A stunning under-shot orgasm from Cross serves as one of the highlights of the film. Having paraded himself around in women’s clothing for the benefit of guards and fellow-inmates alike, Robin Few finally secures the attention of the two individuals who have interested him from day one: Mark Lee and Marcel Bimore, two bereted officers with the sort of truncheons in their pants that deserve the whole-hearted attention of any cock-loving twink. Arguably the scene of the show, Few’s dreams finally come true as Lee thrusts his knob-end into the criminal’s out-stretched butt-hole, whilst Bimore shoves an equally hard rod into our hero’s all-too-eager mouth. Ultimately, however, we suspect it will be the sight of the comely Few getting Lee’s baby-batter sprayed across his face that will be the most abiding memory here.


Then, enjoy the “Piss Scenes”, which were censored from the movie: