This movie is a “fountain of youth” paradise filled with barely legal, tow-headed dudes from the land of sun. From the opening (featuring Lee Walbash, an extraordinarily gorgeous young dude) to the end outtakes of interviews with the stars, we are featured to smooth, hot bodies, cute faces and young dudes in their prime.

The featured piece of meat is Christian Owen: sleek, defined, and with a devious sparkle in his eye. He takes us on an adventure for an hour and half frolicking through the arid forests and hills of California just outside of L.A. As the narrator, he tells us of his friendship with Lee, and the discovery of a magical place where dudes can run naked, have sex in the grass and daydream about nothing all day long. It sounds too good to be true.

The film starts with a wonderful solo jerk by Lee and we are given a glimpse of every facet of his beautiful, muscular body and long, thick cock. The added bonus of him doing it on a motorcycle tingles the fantasies, which each of us have for the raw and rough outdoors.

We lazily saunter through each successive scene of dude sex and reach multiple levels of enjoyment by being featured to different looks, body types and cock sizes. The rimming and finger fucking in this movie is awesome and we cannot forget to point out a fantastic facial at the end (done right on Lee’s face by Christian).

Although the plot, and story, is a little thin and the scriptless acting could have been worked on, the idea of taking these dudes, and throwing them together to see what would happen, is refreshing. Each couple, and even the threesome, interacts naturally, even to the point of getting annoyed at the gnats constantly flying around their faces during the shoot. (Be sure to catch the glimpses of Chaney the dog by the way. He’s cute!) The cast of this movie displays so much youthful vigour, and exuberance, with one another that even Peter Pan would have no complaints!

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