Fuck My Spermy Hole!

With two trios, three duos and one solo, Fuck My Spermy Hole! gives you exactly what you want – hours of sperm-slurping, raunchy bareback hard-core action! Featuring thirteen hot-n-horny sperm-studs, these twinks do (and take) it like pros!


25 horny guys in full on bare-backing non-stop gang-bangs. Guys getting triple teamed with 6 orgy scenes and filled with facials!

Bareback Road Trip

A handsome, blond motorist picks up a couple of boyish hitch hikers. One of the kids looks streetwise; slim, with dyed black hair and facial piercings, and he asks the driver to stop the car so he can take a piss. The driver follows him into the woods and rapes him, forcing his stiff raw cock between the lad’s pert pale ass cheeks.

The lad begins to enjoy it, so by the time that his mate joins them he helps the motorist to spit roast his young buddy. Nice shots of the driver’s toned body pumping away at these kids’ holes.

The blond kid in the next scene looks sweet and fresh-faced, and is packing a very thick chunk of boy cock in his pants. His new mate struggles to take the full girth into his eager mouth. He teases the boy’s pink, shaven hole with his fingers, then shafts him with his stiff purple meat. A nice bit of cum eating ends this horny yet tender scene.

Tall and lean, our blond biker Elliot strips out of his gear for a sly wank, playing with his huge boy cock. His pretty mate catches him at it, and wraps his hungry mouth around this massive member.

The twink has a beautiful asshole, slightly hairy, with a juicy pink ring. It stretches wide as the biker rides his tight bubble butt bareback, only pulling out to spunk into the twink’s open mouth.

The next scene is just great, with two young squaddies making out with two horny attendants in a public toilet. It’s a full blown orgy, each lad getting to taste the other three young cocks. The blond attendant has a great, lean body, and a lovely eight inch knob, which he uses to full effect as he raw rides one of the soldiers. His younger mate is straddling the other soldier Johny Hunter, a Raw Productions regular who is great looking and better hung. Johny rides this slight built lad hard, opening him up so his blond mate can finish him off with the biggest dick on offer. Not a drop of spunk is wasted here as every lad gets a mouthful of boy cum.

In the final scene a slim, blond twink joyrider gets arrested by two butch policemen, and in the interrogation room these horny cops manhandle this youth.

Not your usual Raw Productions types, these cops are muscled guys, late twenties, and they give this lad a full working over. Handsome Gery fucks his wet mouth, his tight, defined body thrusting away, but it was his mate Lubor who really got my attention. Broad, dark and muscled, with nice tattoo work, he works his truncheon up the lad’s tight hole before sticking him with his hard, bare meat.

A hot cast of good looking, hung twink lads, with a few older guys thrown in, all horned up for some of the best bareback scene you’ll find anywhere. These Raw Productions films just get better and better!

Skin Burning (Piel Ardiente)

In their minds, boiling cravings stir over. Through their veins runs a storm of hot blood. Inside their bodies, an angry sea of intimate satisfactions shows its full power… It is sex, restless and total, which takes them away from reality and turns them into pleasures in the flesh.

How to Seduce a Straight Man

Award-winning director Jett Blakk shares his secrets with you in four scenes of straight-man seduction. You know they want it!

Nick Capra tells Aaron Archer about a blowjob he got from a bellhop in Vegas, then urges Aaron to try it himself before their girlfriends return with their beers. The action goes underwater as they give each other scuba-head before Capra tops Archer on the hot tub’s edge.

In the second scene, R.C. Ryan tells his gay pal Adam Faust about his marital woes over some beer. Lots of beer. Too drunk to drive home, Adam puts R.C. to bed – his bed, and as the straight hunk snores away, a wide-awake Adam makes his move. The two suck each other before R.C. shows Adam how he fucks his wife – hard!

At a local drive-in theater, muscle stud Jordan Vaughn is eyeing all the chicks while closeted gay friend Christian Owen eyes Jordan. When Jordan reaches for a handful of Christian’s popcorn, he gets a handful of Christian instead, and soon, instead of watching the movie, they are watching each other suck dick. The action moves to the back seat of the convertible as Jordan tops Christian, their grunts and groans intermingling with the soundtrack of the horror movie playing on the screen.

Finally, pickup truck driver Brett Matthews picks up hitchhiker Zackary Pierce, who opens the glove compartment looking for a missing cigarette lighter. Instead, he finds a hidden stash of gay porn mags: Brett is gay! In banter about what women want, Brett stresses the importance of romance. Eager to learn, Zackary lets Brett give him an example, and the two do a tango on the beach.

This leads to the two hotties bedding down in the back of the pickup for the night, but when Zackary tries to sneak another look at the gay porn mag, Brett busts him, offering to lend the horny straight man a helping hand… mouth… and finally ass, as the 69-ing studs move to Zackary topping Brett in a slamming finish.

Ring a Ring o’ Rosie

“Now … cough …”

Wrestle (softcore)

Thrill to this exciting softcore video that pits muscular, all-nude male wrestlers against each other in erotic combat. Impressively photographed in a historic bathhouse in Budapest, Hungary. Really just a chance to gaze at nice looking bodies, the video is nonetheless classy and erotic.

The Greco-Roman sport takes on an aquatic bent in this mesmerizing film. Six of Hungary’s hottest athletes wrestle each other into submission among the pools of a historic bathhouse. You will savour every bead of water on their perfect, chiseled bodies. Strain with these boys as they engage in the most erotic of sports. Filmed in a historic bathhouse, these hard wet bodies slap against each other in a struggle for domination – but ultimately you are the winner.

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