Fostter Riviera Gets Fisted Four Different Ways

Fostter RivieraFostter Riviera

Alex LopezAlex Lopez

Logan MooreLogan Moore

Raul KorsoRaul Korso

Theo FordTheo Ford

I knew there was a reason Fostter Rivera was becoming a fast favorite of mine. The only major feature he has starred in for Lucas Entertainment to date was “Adam Killian’s Raw Wet Dream,” but he has done quite a fewer smaller snippets for Lucas Raunch, and today is by far the best. Fostter performs amazingly as a top in gay bareback sex scenes, and there is no denying that. He is darkly handsome, has a sexy lean body, and his monster cock is one to truly envy. But he also likes taking it, and the rougher the better. So meet Fostter’s friends: Logan Moore, Raul Korso, Alex Lopez, and Theo Ford. These four guys (Raul is the ring leader) take turns working out Fosster Riviera’s hole with their hands and wrists!


Rafael AlencarRafael Alencar

Dylan KnightDylan Knight

Jack RadleyJack Radley

Zac StevensZac Stevens

Johnny RapidJohnny Rapid

When Rafael Alencar needs his car washed he calls over four young studs who will do just about anything to get fucked by his gigantic cock. Dylan Knight, Jack Radley, Zac Stevens, and Johnny Rapid line their asses up so Rafael can wreck their twink asses one at a time. Then watch as each of the four boys take turns getting double penetrated to reward them fully for their hard work!

Raw Luck


You can tell that this is going to be a bit of a naughty experience as soon as the titles roll, as you see a clothed drop dead gorgeous blond young stud hunk, dancing on part of the screen as the titles roll, he goes in and out of focus to the rhythm of the music playing.

There is a drop dead gorgeous, theme to all the men in this film and believe me I’m not exaggerating the truth when I state such an obvious observation. All these guys are Eastern European and if they were chocolates, every one of these smooth, sexy mind blowing, amazingly handsome lookers, would have been made totally by hand to the finest of specifications.

The first scene kicks off with Cameron Jackson who happens to be one of many totally gorgeous blondes in this, who could so easily make you wet your bed in many a dream. Cameron’s blond floppy hair, his soft totally handsome face, his smooth body and young skin are just a total delight to behold. Cameron starts to get his body played with by Michael Armano who plays a photographer. Michael has short brown hair a sexy handsome face, with a bit of a square jaw line and a fit smooth young stud body. It’ not long before both Cameron and Michael are joined by a third sex god. This scene has some great close up bare back fucking. These three guys know what to do when their hungry, tasting and swallowing on each others man juices.

Michael and Cameron have some sexual fun in other scenes. Michael seduces a friend Dion Phillips, half way up some stairs at an exhibition, which shows some of the pictures he has shot of Cameron. Dion and Michael are soon at it. Dion is yet another stunning looking Eastern European man, who is totally handsome and so perfectly toned and smooth. The sex is quick as they don’t have long and Michael gets a mouth full of Dion’s brilliant white sex piss. Mean while blond puppy Cameron gives a long faced, blond young stud dressed in an army uniform a good checking out, with his puppy dog eyes, as they are both seated opposite each other on a train. The drop dead gorgeous army lad Robert Driveman has short blond hair and turns out to be feeling just as randy as Cameron. After Robert has had only a few puppy dog glances from Cameron’s sexy man peepers and after seeing Cameron, quickly adjusting his crotch, he finds his hormones can know longer cope with Cameron’s good looks, so in his excitement he takes his this army boots off and moves one of his feet right onto Cameron’s crotch, rubbing his foot hard over it. This of course is just the signal our blond wet wipe Cameron wanted and he presses Roberts’s foot hard into his crotch with his hands, then the fun begins. They end up all over each others cocks like a rash, they both have blond butts to die for and Cameron has gorgeous blond slightly hairy legs. Great anal fucking takes place and Robert gets a nice throat full of white sex piss down his throat, courtesy of Cameron.

It’s very rare you see such nicely fit young studs as good looking as all these men, in just one film. It’s even more of a rarity to have them all bare back. For good measure quite a few treat us to not only facial cum shots, but cum pouring into their perfect mouths too. Every guy is a gorgeous looker and the sex is crisp, clean and so very horny. All cocks are uncut and all the guys speak in English. All the seven scenes are more than worth a rewind and they are also worth many a number of freeze fames.

Hayden Russo Barebacks Park Wiley



As hot as Hayden Russo’s previous two scenes were, they were just an appetizer compared to this bareback scene with Park Wiley. As a power bottom Park is running at 110%. For most of us, deep-throating Hayden’s cock would be quite an accomplishment but for Park Wiley it is a breeze. Just thinking of Hayden Russo’s raw dick inside your ass would be a challenge for most, but for Park it is heaven. Park jumps on Russo’s monster cock and within no time he is spraying a load over Hayden’s chest while still bobbing up and down. Hayden makes him pay, fucking Park bareback as hard as he can with his raw cock. Park is sent into orgasm once again right before Hayden blows his load all over Park Wiley’s ass. Hayden Russo is not finished though. He sticks his bare prick back into Park and continues to pound away, oozing inside Park’s hole.

Porn Problems

Porn Problems_01 Porn Problems_02 Porn Problems_03 Porn Problems_04 Porn Problems_05 Porn Problems_06 Porn Problems_07 Porn Problems_08 Porn Problems_09 Porn Problems_10

Markie More is caught between a rock and a hard place. Dylan Knight is waiting in the kitchen with a cock diesel but his shooting partner is an absolute dud, and it is up to Markie to inform him. Dylan is noticeably disappointed and the bulge in his pants is calling out to Markie, but Markie is torn between his desire to salvage the scene and his professional duties as PA. Ultimately, Dylan senses that Markie can be persuaded and with a tug on his belt, he reminds Markie what he would get out of the deal. Markie eyes Dylan’s hard cock and makes an executive decision, unzipping Dylan’s pants and kissing him hard, as Dylan pulls Markie’s shorts off and begins to suck him off right there in the kitchen. Moments later, Markie realizes he has made a great decision as Dylan straddles the cabinets and Markie eats his ass, moistening him up before plunging his dick deep inside Dylan. Dylan is smiling from ear-to-ear as Markie pounds him from behind, then they flip over and Dylan rides Markie as he lay on the kitchen floor, grinding on his morning wood as he strokes himself off, jizzing all over himself as Markie pumps him full of hard cock, and then watching as Markie pulls out and blasts him with his load, just as director Rocco enters from an errand. Will Rocco be upset at the shenanigans or happy that Markie saved the scene? You will have to watch to find out.

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The Temple

0728 Denis VegaDenis Vega 0728 Diego LauzenDiego Lauzen

0728 Wagner VittoriaWagner Vittoria

0728 The Temple_01 0728 The Temple_02 0728 The Temple_03 0728 The Temple_04 0728 The Temple_05 0728 The Temple_06 0728 The Temple_07 0728 The Temple_08 0728 The Temple_09 0728 The Temple_10

On a cool autumn day Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria are enjoying the views of the reflecting pools when they spot a very handsome and virile man. They follow Denis back to his place and place him in the center of all attention. No matter which way Denis turns there is a handsome man, an incredible body, a huge cock and a hot ass. Denis Vega starts out by tasting the delights of Wagner and Diego’s luscious lips and then moves onto their throbbing and hungry cocks. Working his way from one cock to the other, Denis revels in the succulents of the huge man meat that fills his mouth and his senses. Denis finds that his desires continue to escalate with all this hot cock sucking. Diego and Wagner position themselves so that they can both lick and taste the delectable ass positioned above them. Wagner then slips his hard cock inside of Denis as he sucks on the pleasures of his lovers cock. Diego and Wagner flip positions so that Denis can feel the sensation of both lovers cocks. The guys then move into a train of treasure as Wagner rams his cock into Denis and Diego plants his cock up Wagner’s hungry hole. Diego sprays his lover’s ass with his cum and shoves the last of his dripping load back into his love canal. Wagner then rips off a hot and creamy load all over Denis’ ass and Denis in turn shares the pleasure and shoots his thick load all over Wagner’s face and lips.

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Cheating Husband

0727 Connor HalsteadConnor Halstead

0727 Johnny RapidJohnny Rapid

0727 Cheating Husband_01 0727 Cheating Husband_02 0727 Cheating Husband_03 0727 Cheating Husband_04 0727 Cheating Husband_05 0727 Cheating Husband_06 0727 Cheating Husband_07 0727 Cheating Husband_08 0727 Cheating Husband_09 0727 Cheating Husband_10

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0723 Cruising the Woods_01 0723 Cruising the Woods_02 0723 Cruising the Woods_030723 Cruising the Woods_04 0723 Cruising the Woods_05 0723 Cruising the Woods_06 0723 Cruising the Woods_07

Dato Foland is back in New York and this time he’s enjoying some quality time with none other than our very own special Levi Karter. These two are both each others’ perfect types so the chemistry is off the charts from the very first moment they see each other until Levi is completely soaked in Dato’s cum. Dato is still very new to CockyBoys (did you check out his first scene with Allen King? WOW!) so we decided to take him out for a walk and get to know him a bit better. Dato is so much more than just a pretty face and a muscular body and it’s a pleasure to get to know him as the beautiful person that he is but his charm really shoots up to 100 when Levi is standing next to him and he’s all smiles from ear to ear. And as Levi says “He’s super hot. It’s distracting!”

After some quality time in the pool, the guys head up to the house but only make it to the first chair they see before Levi finds himself laying on his back and getting face fucked by Dato. Without even touching himself, Levi’s cock is rock hard and pulsing through his shorts just from getting his throat stuffed with the big meat. But Levi isn’t the only hungry one around here. After giving him a taste of his cock, Dato spreads Levi’s legs open and shoves his face in between those cheeks to taste Levi’s perfect little hole and starts opening it up to get it ready for the deep pounding that’s about to follow. “Show me you’re ready!” says Dato and as Levi pushes his hole out to show him how much he needs that dick Dato shoves it all the way in and starts ramming it into Levi’s hungry wet hole. Then Dato pushes Levi’s legs up and over Levi’s head so he can mount him from the top.

After nearly breaking Levi’s back from fucking him upside down he decides to give him a break and let him ride it for a bit. As Levi’s rock hard cock bounces up and down it’s obvious that Dato is hitting the right spot. “Fuck you’re so hot!” whispers Levi into Dato’s ear as Dato’s big dick is splitting his hole in half. “Oh yeah. Fuck. Oh my God! So good!” is all that Dato seems to be able to say as Levi leaves him breathless from riding his cock like a champ. For the grand finale, Dato decides to take Levi to the fence where he keeps drilling Levi’s hole until Levi can’t hold it anymore and shoots his load into Dato’s hand so he can get a taste of it. Then Dato pulls out and tastes Levi’s freshly fucked hole and shoots his load straight into Levi’s hungry wide open mouth. Shall we say Levi just got Dato’d?

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