Private Eryk’s First Gay Fuck

Bi-sexual Ryan is here today to pick (some-what straight) Private Eryk’s brain about what he should expect in the military. Ryan just enlisted in the army and is very interested in what the service has in store for him. Marine Eryk tells his tales of boot camp, screaming sergeants, endless drills and extreme daily workout regimens. The Marines taught him how to be self-reliant with specialized wilderness survival training and night patrols. At times Eryk was forced to dig a hole in the ground and hunker down with a buddy and their M16’s, just waiting for a rival platoon to attack in the dead of night. During war-games they mounted lasers on their on their rifles and shot blanks at their opponents, getting as close to combat situations as possible. Ryan is enthralled hearing about hand to hand, man on man action. All night patrols, soldiers running obstacle courses, guys going balls-out and fighting through mazes is just some of the fun Ryan has to expect. First thing is first though, Ryan needs a haircut. Eryk gives his new buddy a hand with the clippers and gets rid of the civilian do. Tall drink of water Ryan may still be wet behind the ears, but looks even more ready to be broken in with his fresh new cut. Private Eryk is more than ready to take on another challenge today, Private Ryan’s big dick! The uniform clad young men start by raising their cocks to salute underneath canvas trousers. Then Eryk’s traveling hand finds a home gripped tightly around Ryan’s ever-growing bone. Ryan unzips his utilities and Private Eryk dives in head first, sucking a mean soldier’s dick. He slops up that young cock with plenty of spit, deep throating and choking it down all the way to the base. Ryan repays the favor and rips Eryk’s shirt off his broad soldier shoulders. He tears into sucking Marine dick like his life depended on it. Eryk is having the time of his life, moaning with the pleasure of a young mouth wrapped around his bulging soldier meat. He flips around and throws his ass in the air and takes Ryan’s nine inch cock like only a Marine can. Ryan punishes his new friend’s hole within an inch of his life, Erik grabs the edge of the cot and begs for more. His tight round ass was just made to be pounded. Apparently Eryk needed a leg workout as much as his ass did, he straddles Ryan and rides the shit out of that big pole of his. Flipped on his back Eryk jerks his dick faster and faster until his creamy load shoots out with Army-brat Ryan’s thick meat still buried deep inside his ass. When Ryan’s turn is up, he does not disappoint and launches a huge load inside the hungry open soldier’s mouth before him. Eryk is loving every second of it, and licks the tip of Ryan’s head for more of that sweet man juice.

Mister Spain 2009: Ramón Puñet Corvillo, of Madrid, a pianist on the catwalk

MEASURES: 50-42-50
HEIGHT: 1,84 m

Dr Dani Robles

Dani Robles


The Big 7

What can possibly add more RAW, FREAKY and NASTY to the Breed! Well try putting together the BIG 7. XL, Romance, Kash Dinero, Chino Blacc, Diego, Max Dean and introducing Milk. This scene shot in a secluded cabin was the perfect opportunity for these guys to “get to know” each other. It didnt take long before clothes were shedding, booties were wet and dicks were brick! This adventure took place over a span of 2 days and there is SOOO Much hotness to share. This is JUST part 1 so get ya towel and lots of lube cause you will be stroking and bussin to this for weeks to come.

Featuring:  Chino BlaccDiegoKash DineroMax DeanMilk,  Romance, and XL

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There’s A Man in The Moon

There’s a man in the moon,
And he won’t be home too soon.
There’s a woman in the stars,
And she’s stopping off at Mars.
There are children in the street
Who must beg for what they eat,
And they look to you and me living here.
There’s that pie in the sky
That will help us bye and bye.
There’s that politician’s plan
That will help us if it can.
But those children in the street
Still must beg for what they eat,
And they look to you and me living here.
If those children are our children
And we look them in the eye,
We will find whatever’s needed
Without looking to the sky,
For the love that we’ve been given
Is enough to see us through,
We will guard the earth’s resources
And do what we must do.
But the man in the moon,
He won’t be home too soon,
And the woman in the stars
Is still stopping off at Mars,
And those children in the street
Still must beg for what they eat,
And they look to you and me living here.

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