Gino Mosca blows Joel Birkin

gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_01 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_02 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_03 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_04 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_05 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_06 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_07 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_08 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_09 gino-mosca-blows-joel-birkin_10

Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard


“Ah! Work that Male Pussy hard and deep!”


“Oh my fuck! You are a real pain up the ass!”


“Stop your KAK” – Truck driver tells students


Johannesburg – A young Touws River truck driver has pleaded with protesting students to stop their “kak” and  behave in a civilized manner.

“Kry net rigting in julle lewe asseblief en wees bietjie civilised, want julle is uit orde uit vir studente wat leer vir iets. (Get direction in your lives and be a little more civilised, because you are out of order for students who are studying to achieve something),” Josh Bergh said in a video he recently posted on Facebook.

In his three-minute video, the articulate 27-year-old gives his opinion on the student protests in his colourful Afrikaans. He describes himself as a Touws River “plaaskind” (farm child) and proud of it.

Brandon & Tanner: Bareback

0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_01 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_02 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_03 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_04 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_05 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_06 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_07 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_08 0917-brandon-tanner-_-bareback_09

Click HERE to download the video from Sean Cody



Warwick Rowers 2017 Crowdfunder


Damien Crosse & Tim Kruger

0914-tim-krugerTim Kruger

0914-damien-crosseDamien Crosse




0913-kameron-frostKameron Frost


0913-sunny-blueSunny Blue

0913-fabien-dolkoFabien Dolko


Prolong the experience of the movie “The Snitch”. Take a peek at what is going on behind the scenes. It is really hot and fun. These five video clips were shot when the actors were on break between their scenes. In the apartment where they stay, as well as in a bath house on a sex sling, the guys let the steam off, fucking like crazy. Have a look at Dylan who tops Matt Kennedy on a sling. Then, Kamzouz is having a hard time taking the massive cock of a guy from Avignon up his tight ass. Marshall Paxton is ploughed by Sunny on the washing machine. Kameron Frost rims Pete Boule in the kitchen. Finally, it is Sunny Blue’s turn to be hammered by Fabien Dolko. Boys are horny, dicks are hard and asses are pounded hard.

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